About Us


Like many companies, Complete Students was born out of frustration.

The months leading to University can be confusing, as you struggle to get ready for it. What to bring? What will I need? Who will I meet? Will I be able to survive without a job?

Complete Students set to change this back in 2014, by creating a platform on which students heading to University can find everything they could possibly need!

Facebook groups to meet people going to the same university as you. Freshers week sprinkled with bar crawls to explore the new city and meet new people, and more club orientated night, with candy floss, ball pits, crazy inflatables & more.

We even offer packs of essentials you will need when moving out from home! (bye bye Mum & Dad).

Our team is made up of previous and current University students, so, trust us when we say that we know what students go through. (We are still).