The 7 Types Of Flatmate You Can Expect To Meet In Halls!

We've put together a list of the seven types of flatmate that you can expect to meet in halls, giving you an insight into what your university adventure may have in store for you!


1. The Party Goer

This flatmate will be the one that will pester you every day to go out with them, even if you've made it clear for the thousandth time that you don't feel like it tonight! You may not always see them around the flat, but you'll be guaranteed to see them at your favourite club night, and who knows, you'll probably spend the evening doing shots with them!

2. The Studious One

You'll notice that this particular flatmate spends a lot of their time in their room studying! Yes, that is even in October when final exams are six months away, but hey, that's some good dedication to the degree.

3. The Quiet Flatmate

Having a quiet flatmate in the house can offer some tranquility amongst the busy day-to-day events of student halls. You may not see them that often, or they may not say much, but trying to interact with them and create an open social conversation may lead to a blossoming friendship.

4. The Messy Resident

Leaving a mess wherever they go, and conveniently never tidying up after themselves is the messy flatmate of your halls! The few plates and bowls lined up along the kitchen side by the sink will eventually become their whole cupboards worth of kitchen utensils as they do everything in their power to not have to wash up!

5. The Clean Housemate

Endlessly tidying up after the messy resident of the flat, the clean housemate will endeavour to keep all the communal areas (and no doubt their room) spotless! To be fair, this is definitely not a bad thing, and sticking with this flatmate will mean you'll always benefit from cooking in a clean kitchen!

6. The One That Can't Handle Their Drink

Ah, the flatmate that can't make it out from pre-drinks... you'll definitely meet several of these people! Just be prepared to have to look after this one and keep an eye on what they're drinking!

7. The Flatmate In A Relationship From Home 

Living with a flatmate that is in a relationship from home can bring a mixture of emotions and experiences. You may find that they spend their evenings on the phone in their room, or you may find that their partner comes to visit alllll the time! Either way, eventually you will learn to accept it and try to get to know them when you can.