The 5 Stages Of Being A Beginners Cook At University

Cooking can be a new challenge for most freshers heading to university, so we've put together the 5 stages you may go through as a beginner! Although one thing is for sure, you will definitely be needing all the equipment to get going on your cooking adventure, which is something that can be delivered to your door on the day that you move in!

1. The Frozen Meal Champion


So, after moving in to university, and with very little knowledge or confidence when it comes to cooking, it's pretty much guaranteed that you will rely on the trusted frozen meal. Just make sure that you don't leave it in the oven for too long!

2. Pasta Is My Best Friend


The novelty of eating ready meals and frozen pizza has worn off and you're now excited to find that almost everything goes well with pasta, replacing the frozen foods as your weekly meal of choice! It's also at this stage that you feel slightly upset that you hadn't realised this sooner.. oh, and even though one cup of pasta doesn't look like much, once it's cooked, it really is!

3. The Flat Christmas Dinner


At this stage in the year, with the festivities all around you, you'll start to notice the different culinary strengths amongst your fellow flat mates! The house Christmas Dinner is sure to combine all of your skills, (and your kitchen utensils!) and even though it may take a little while longer than it takes your mum at home - it can turn out to be quite a success!

4. Hey, I Can Do This!


With the start of the new term (and a pile of student cookbooks you were given at Christmas), you return to campus ready to try new recipes and give cooking full meals a good attempt. You may even start to FaceTime your parents to show them how proud you are of your newly found love of cooking!

5. Being The Chef For The Whole Flat (Well, Perhaps One Or Two)...

Okay, now, this may seem a little overwhelming, but for some of you, cooking meals for several members of your flat may become more frequent! You may start to buy ingredients together and start trialling new recipes and sitting down to eat as a whole flat!