7 Bits Of Advice That University Students Have For Sixth Formers & College Students

1. You'll Have Never Been Poorer Than At Uni

The 3 big killers to your bank account are rent, food & socialising. Your student loan will barely cover your expenses, so it's definitely advised you pick up a student job to support yourself throughout uni!

2. Appreciate Your Parents

Never take for granted those home cooked meals. You won't realise how much they do for you until you move out!

3. It's Ok If You Don't Know What To Do

University and life after school is daunting, but that's ok. Decisions about your future in regards to your career after university are a difficult one to make, and don't need to be rushed!

4. Stay In Touch With Your School Friends

Create that Whatsapp group chat now, as staying in touch with your school friends is important and easier done than you think! University holidays give you plenty of time to see each other, and have big re-unions together. You could even take a road trip and visit them at the universities they've gone to.

5. Keep Some Of Your A-Level Notes

This is especially important if you're doing a degree which is relatable to the A-Levels you took. It's good to refresh your memory once in a while.

6. You Won't Feel As Grown Up As You Think

You may think because you're going to uni you'll finally feel like a proper grown up, but this isn't always the case. Especially when you're up to your drunken antics.

7. Be Yourself

At University there is so many people from different walks of life, so you'll always be able to meet like-minded people with the same interests as yourself.