7 Things You Need To Do In Freshers Week

1. Explore Your City

With the excitement of starting university also comes the excitement of being in a new city! Taking the time to explore the new area around you can create some great memories for you, and allow you to find local services, community areas and a great coffee shop!

2. Adventure Around Your Campus

As well as exploring the new city you are living in, taking the time to take a look around your campus, especially as a first year student, will help you to make the most of the facilities and engage with the university community.

3. Meet New People

Meeting new people is a must for freshers week! Having moved into student accommodation, and met your new flat mates, there are also other social events that encourage freshers to meet new people. The first few weeks at university are a great time to mix with new people and find those that you have shared interests with.

4. Decorate Your Room To Make You Feel More At Home

Putting up a few photographs and adding some posters to your new room will make it feel more like home, and help you to settle in when the environment is so new. Replicating some favourite elements from your room at home can help with the moving in process too!

5. Get Involved With Freshers Events

With a wide variety of freshers events to suit everybody, the social events of freshers week are not to be missed! Make sure you take a look at what events are taking place in the university city that you're attending, and buy your tickets in advance! Demand for these events, and their popularity means that they sell-out really quickly, so don't leave it until you arrive!

6. Make Sure You Have All Your Essentials

The first week is a good opportunity to work out what you have and what you don't have! If by some chance you have forgotten to bring something with you, the the first week, with a relaxed timetable will enable you to be able to gather those things you are missing! However, if you're looking to relieve this stress and hassle, then you can have all of your essentials delivered in a handy student pack to your new student accommodation! There's also a useful blog available about how to remember all of your essentials for uni.

7. Have Fun!

 Oh, and most importantly of all... HAVE FUN!