7 Things To Do After You Finish Your Exams

...Aaaaand relax! You've finished your exams, you've got a good few months of freedom before your university adventure starts, but what on earth do you do with your time? We've put together the top 7 things you should consider doing after you finish your exams!

1. Go On Holiday With Your Mates


With so many good deals on, and a wide range of exotic and local destinations you can head off too, what better time to have a holiday with your friends than to celebrate the end of your exams! You can jet off to sunny paradise, or try heading somewhere along the coast - but spending some quality time with your friends is a must after all the hard-work you've been doing!

2. Go To A Festival


From Glastonbury, Wireless, Reading and Leeds to Coachella, there are epic music festivals happening all across the world. The summer break is a great time to submerge yourself in your favourite music, and head off to that festival that you've always wanted to go to! Persuade a few friends to join you, and make a weekend of it, camping and soaking up the atmosphere - and hopefully the sun!

3. Have A Farewell Meal With Your Friends


Saying goodbye to those friends you've had at home for many, many years will be extremely difficult! But, it's not goodbye for long, as you can travel to different uni's to catch up, and meet up back at home for some quality time together! Having a meal out is a great opportunity to try out using your NUS Extra discounts, and allows you to have a good time!

4. Organise What You Need To Take With You To Uni

With some spare time ahead of you, getting prepared for university is really important, and will leave you feeling organised and not panicking! Alongside all of your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom essentials, comes the need for clothing (and a freshers hoodie!), tickets to the main events of your freshers week and your stationery must-haves, so prepare yourself early!

We've got some top tips in our blog about your university essentials if you're feeling stuck!

5. Research Potential Job Opportunities

Having a job whilst you're at university can support you in a financial way, as well as opening up social opportunities and work experience options! Lots of summer jobs, and work for the beginning of your term at university will start to be made available to apply for over summer - so keep checking!

You can check out our blogs on part-time work for more help!

6. Ask Your Mum To Show You How To Use The Washing Machine


It may seem like a very simple task, but asking your mum for a few tips on how to complete your simple chores like doing the washing can make your first few weeks at uni a lot less stressful! 

7. Check Out The Freshers Week Schedule At Your Uni

Each university will have an organised freshers week schedule, lined up with exciting events, social opportunities and chances to meet new people! It's important to check this out in advance, as you can buy some tickets to the most popular and exciting freshers events before you arrive, so to save money through early-purchase tickets, and beat the rush!