13 Ways To Prepare For University

1. Sort Out Your Subscriptions

Netflix, Spotify, Amazon... the list goes on! Make sure you have a good sort out of what subscriptions you're using, and which ones you could save money on by cancelling! Oh, and if you're keeping a subscription, make sure it's renewed in time for those all important binge-watching sessions!

2. Buy Some Recipe Books

Purchasing some recipe books may help you to understand what kind of meals you can confidently cook when you get to uni - and this also gives you some time to practice before you go! Check out our blog about cooking as a beginner to see how recipe books may fit into your new routine!

3. Get Into The Habit Of Washing Up

No one likes washing up, but when you're at uni, leaving your plate on the side won't result in your mum coming and washing it up for you! Get into the habit of washing up regularly so as to form a new routine.

4. Check Over The Modules On Your Course

Understanding the modules you can choose from when you get to university is a good step in your preparations, as you can familiarise yourself with the content of the course before you get there.

5. Buy Your Freshers Tickets

Freshers Week. The biggest, and most exciting week of the university calendar! The best way to prepare for this large-scale event is to buy your tickets in advance! Some of the most-talked about events in this week, are also the most popular, so buying your ticket beforehand is a must! From Bar Crawls and Fun Houses to Frat Parties, freshers week is sure to be a fantastic week!

6. Get All Your Kitchen, Bathroom And Bedroom Essentials

In the months leading up to you starting university, it is a good time to get organised. This means purchasing all the essential items you will need for your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom too! Gathering all of these items can become time-consuming and quite expensive, so if you're stuck, and looking for a hassle free option, then you can have all of these essentials delivered to your door on the day you move in to your accommodation in our handy student pack!

7. Your Freshers Hoodie

No freshers wardrobe is complete without a freshers hoodie - and we've designed a range of comfy, stylish hoodies, personalised with your universities name on the front!

8. Gather Up Lots And Lots Of Films

For those times when you just want to chill out, or for those move nights with your flat, you'll need a good selection of films to keep you going through the year!

9. Learn How To Budget

Budgeting is really important and will help you to keep on top of your finances whilst you live independently! You can seek advice and support both when you're at home to prepare, and when you get to university - as well as checking out our blog with our top tips for budgeting!

10. Take A Look Into Gym Memberships

If you like spending time in the gym and taking part in exercise classes, then researching the best gym for you is essential preparation for when you arrive! Lots of local gyms will have introductory offers, and your Student Union will often have gym facilities on campus that you can sign up to use.

11. Make Yourself Familiar With Online Food Shopping

Depending on the location of your university, and the accommodation that you are staying in, you may find that to start off with, ordering your food online to be delivered will work better for you. So, take the time to familiarise yourself with minimum spend amounts, delivery costs and good deals! After a while you may find that picking up food from a local shop or supermarket may be more cost-efficient and healthy for you.

12. Start Washing Your Own Clothes

Ah, washing your clothes. Potentially up there with washing up as a very boring task! But, regardless of this, it has to be done, and practicing this by doing your own washing at home will help you in the long run! Also make sure to check out the drying facilities at your university, as investing in a clothes rack to hang your clothes on whilst they dry may be a good option.

13. Job Hunt

Summer jobs are here and ready to be snapped up! Equally so, part-time jobs for when you start university in the new academic term will soon started to be displayed and available for applications so starting your job hunt now may seem early, but will definitely be worthwhile in the long run!