What is Complete Students ?

  • Events

    Complete Students hosts over 50 events across 35 cities, with 50,000 students attending in Freshers week. We host 5 different events, so there is something for everyone!

  • Hoodies

    Freshers week is not complete without a freshers hoodie. We make hoodies for every freshers week across the nation, providing memorable clothing for a memorable week.

  • Student Pack

    Moving away from home is hard so we have tried to make it as easy as possible. Our packs can be delivered on the same date that you move in to your student accommodation.

    Student Pack
  • Be A Student Rep

    It's hard to make money while you're at uni and even harder before you get there. Join our Rep team and sell our events to your friends and get payed for doing so. Easy sales with easy money.

    Join the team

Do you want to earn money from talking about complete students ?

We're looking for students to spread our message about the products we provide to students going to University this year!

Why Should You Become A Brand Ambassador?

- Earn between £100 - £2,000 this summer
- Free Freshers Tickets, Hoodies, Fancy Dress & Student Pack
- £8+/hr whilst at University (flexible hours)
- Chance to win a free holiday for you & a friend!

APPLY HERE- We'll be in touch shortly to give you even more details!

Our brands

  • Freshers Fun House

    Freshers Fun House is our awesome event which includes insane inflatables, crystal maze cash grab, celebrity masks, free tuck shop, photo posing boards & confetti cannons... Not your typical night out!

  • The Big Bar Crawl

    Last year, The Big Bar Crawl established itself as The Biggest Bar Crawl in the U.K. with over 20,000 participants. No need to say, if you're looking to meet new people, this is the place.

  • Freshers Hoodies

    Simply choose between 3 colours and let the world know that you're at University now.
    What's that grandma? Which university have I been accepted in? Check my hoodie out.

  • My Student Pack

    Confused about what you need to take with you for your accommodation? My Student Pack have created packs for your kitchen, bedroom & bathroom which include absolutely everything you could need. Plus, it's delivered to your halls on the day you move in - for a price cheaper than the high street!



  • Chloe Regan

    Went to the Big Bar Crawl in Lincoln such a great night made my fresher's week. Met everyone in my halls that night and saw the best places to go out in the city !!!

  • Chris Portman

    My complete student pack came on the day i arrived at my halls. It made moving in so easy i was even able to make tea for everyone in my flat haha 

  • Amy Stewart

    Doesn't everyone enjoy fancy dress night ? I did at Freshers Fun house i cant remember the entire night but is was amazing with all the inflatables and cannons.

Fresher Hoodies

Now make sure your not the only person with out your official Complete Student hoodie. Made of 80% cotton, these high quality hoodies will get you repping your university in style.


What if i buy a ticket then go to a different university ?

This so simple you only have to contact us with your order number and let us know what university you are going to. We will make the changes and send you a confirmation email.

Can i change the delivery date of my student pack ?

Of course you can but you must give us at least one weeks notice before you want it to arrive on your desired date. Contact us with your order number and the change of date, we will confirm the date change with via email.

Can i change the date and destination of my student pack to arrive ?

Of course you can you just need to let us know as soon as you realize. There can be a surcharge sometimes if it very close to the original date of when decided to have it delivered though.

Just contact us and let us know the order number, changed delivery date or location.